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The Orchestra Harmonie was born in 1996, devoted to the activity of Classical Music Concerts, executing famous pieces taken by authors like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Puccini, Piazzolla and a lot of others.

The Orchestra Harmonie musicians, toghether with their conductor Renato Perrotta, play very accurate orchestrations, where the parts of each instrumental family - strings, winds, kettledrums and percussions- are perfectly balanced among them. This idea of measure and proportionality among the different instruments, of mainly classical kind, makes Harmonie an orchestra from the refined sound.

The Orchestra Harmonie is composed by professional musicians. The musicians have studied in the Verona, Mantua, Venice, Vicenza and Milan conservatorios, they all have a great study biography and they all can claim the credit of having a wide experience in the chamber music. Periodically are given auditions for vacancies or for outside teamworks.

In January 2009 the Orchestra Harmonie recorded a CD entitled Melodie dal mondo (OFH, February, 2009), where therebare its soloist's qualities and the typical velvet sound of the orchestra. Among the recorded pieces we can find the M. Ravel's Bolero and the Villanelle for horn and orchestra of P. Dukas, featuring Daniele Accordini as solo horn. Besides the orchestra disposes of a TRAILER entitled ''Orchestra Harmonie'' and a DVD entitled ''Orchestra Harmonie in Concerto'', realized in January and February, both in 2009.

During the 61° Festival Shakespeariano-Estate Teatrale Veronese 2009 the theatrical-musical play Romeo, Giulietta e i motivi dell'amore has been first performed in Italy at Corte Mercato Vecchio in Verona. The new production is availing of the artistic teamwork between the Orchestra Harmonie and the Impiria Theatre. Some audio-video images taken by the musical-theatrical perfomance will be used in the new documentary about Romeo and Juliet by the director Anna Lerario, produced by Antonio Bulbarelli's Video Cinema. The DVD will be dedicated to the relations between the Luigi Da Porto's novella and the Shakespearean tragedy.

After the brilliant success obtained by the first CD, the Orchestra Harmonie has recorded a second CD entitled Buon Natale e tanta ... Harmonie (OFH, September, 2009) which will be on the market since November 2009. The album, dedicated to Christmas Classics, has got works like White Christmas by I. Berlin, Stille Nacht ! by F. Grüber and Cantique de Noël by A. Adam.

In september 2010 the Orchestra Harmonie will perform over the prestigious stage of Teatro ''G. Rossini'' of Pesaro during the opening evening of the 63° Festival Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica. The play represented, Romeo, Giulietta e i motivi dell'amore, has been admited 'out of competition' among the best perfomances realized this year in Italy. The orchestrations and the orchestral conducting by Renato Perrotta.

Qui potete scaricare la versione PDF della brochure dell'orchestra.

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